How to Safely Clean Your Fine Jewelry

  When you go out and spend an impressive amount of money on quality, fine jewelry, you naturally want to take care of it and make sure it stays in pristine condition. However, when you do a general search on Google for some quick DIY ways to clean your jewelry at home, it will often […]

Say “I Do” to a Comfort Fit Wedding Band

  It’s the moment you have been waiting for all of your life. The planning phase is almost done and you are this close to saying “I do.” There’s one more thing to do and that is picking out the wedding bands. The styles are seemingly limitless and most can be customized to your exact […]

Don’t Overdo it When You Say “I Do”

  Accessories can make all the difference in any outfit and the notion is true, you are not completely dressed until you are decked out in the right jewelry. Sometimes an outfit needs a bold statement necklace or other times, a pair of jewel-tone drop earrings is just the thing to finish off an ensemble. […]

Choosing the Best Jewelry for your Skin Tone

  Women across the world would likely agree that there are just some types of jewelry that do not work well for them. You may be partial to the sterling silvers, but when you find a yellow gold piece that you just fall in love with, you’ll likely try to convince yourself that it just […]

Proper Storage for your Jewelry Can Make All the Difference

  With our hectic schedules and the over-exhaustion that everyday life can bring, sometimes we just don’t have the will power to take our time and organize our jewelry the proper way. It can come to the point where we just drop everything on the vanity counter and leave it for the next occasion. While […]

Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2013

  As a man, you may not exactly be designed to pick out jewelry, and it’s difficult to resist the urge to panic when it comes to the idea of walking into a jewelry store and picking out an engagement ring. Deciding that she was “the one” was easy enough; her kind heart, outgoing personality, […]