Say “I Do” to a Comfort Fit Wedding Band

March 28th, 2014 Munchels Fine Jewelry


It’s the moment you have been waiting for all of your life. The planning phase is almost done and you are this close to saying “I do.” There’s one more thing to do and that is picking out the wedding bands. The styles are seemingly limitless and most can be customized to your exact specifications, but there’s one other detail to consider before you make your final decision: the fit. Yes, you can decide how you want it to feel.


So what exactly is a comfort fit wedding band? This name is actually used to describe the shape of the interior of the band. This feature makes the ring more comfortable than the standard shape of most rings available. Comfort fit bands have a slightly-domed interior which makes it a great option for men since it is easier to slide over larger knuckles.  For continuous wear, the comfort fit is highly recommended, especially for ring sizes over 5mm.


Have you ever felt like your ring was too tight and there was no “breathing room,” so to speak? The comfort fit style eliminates that problem! Since the interior is domed shape with the thickest part of the band at the center, the ring will feel a bit loose at the ends. This is what you want! The comfort fit will make it feel like your finger has room to breathe and like the circulation isn’t totally cut off.


The wedding bands you and your fiancé decide on are a symbol of your ever-lasting love for one another. Like your future husband or wife, choose the ring that you know is “the one.” For a full list of comfort fit options, browse our website and let us be a part of your happily ever after.


(Posted by: Matt Munchel of Munchel’s Fine Jewelry)


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